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Comments from letters, postcards, emails, our sign-up book, etc.

nice! Comtesse Theresa! You guys are the best!…Very good food! We loved it!…good food!…. Excellent food, wine & decor….. Loved the food and atmosphere!….Awesome spot. We love it here….. Beautifully done from start to finish… What excellent food and prepared exellently!….. Most delicious food I’ve ever had!…..Best meal of my life!….. Yumm!….. I love the food….. I love this place!!….. Outstanding food, amazing wine!…. Molto bene…..Excellent, enjoyed everything. My husband and I will be back….. Awesome night – celebrated a birthday tonight – fabulous!! 8/24/13…..Had an awesome time. Great dessert!…. I love ur food!!! 8/17/13….We had such a great first time here! Food was incredible – staff was better! Thank you for a great experience….. A lovely day! Thank you….. just great!…..Thanks for the escargot!… To Chris, you’re the best wine server! Love, ya new best friend….Mindblowing! Licked the foie gras plate clean…..OMG what a meal 8/13

You were spot on – the mint chocolate chip was awesome. Hope to see you again!! BTW best food I’ve had in a long time. Everything was amazing & wonderful!….We love Katie! & wine & bread & cheese!….. Grazie mille!….. We had a great time…..Great dinner & the girls are awesome!…..Wonderful time. Chris is fantastic. We will be back!! 7/24/13 … Very nice food! especially the salad…. Thank you for being forever fancy…. We had a great time – food was out of this WORLD! XXOO 7/21/13 Out of this world! Ryan is sexy….Wonderful! Thank you Chris for your descriptions!… Best steak on the North Fork! Enjoyed! 7/17/13

Addie is the best!! Love the soup!…. Had a great time!… Staff was great made you feel like you are a member of the family. Food was outstanding… Excellent food on my way back to NYC having extended weekend on Shelter Island…. Awesome service and wine. Highly recommended…Thank you, Fine tasting…. Was the fist AND last stop on our wine tasting tour. Delicious! 7/12/13

Today is Father’s Day 2013. Our experience at Comtesse Therese was a wonderful delightful tasting experience. The staff very friendly. Try the duck…J’adore… Today is Father’s Day and having the best time. This is my favorite restaurant so far… Today is Father’s Day! My dad thought this place to go! We went here and so far its great. After this we are going next door after this. I hope we go here again!…. Today is Father’s Day I had foie gras and it was great! I especially like the duck it was great the potatoes the spinach the current it was all great. I always like coming here. and good service. Also I liked the tea and the creme brulee with the sparkler it was great!

Beautiful evening and dinner! See you back here when we are married!!… Delicious food – wonderful wines! a superb day! 6/15/13 Thank you for the best 40th birthday we could give my very best friend and sister!!!

Enjoyed a wonderful meal with a fabuous atmosphere and staff. We will see you again! We brought a bottle of wine home. It was delicious!!…. Beautiful place – great food! Friendly people – Thank you!… Amazing place! :) … Loved it! Thank you! …..Awesome food! Enjoy!….. Enjoyed the food & atmosphere tremendously… Great atmosphere – such friendly staff from chef to waitresses. Thank you.  Great with our allergies! … Thanks for the scallops!… Excellent! Our compliments to the chef and the entire staff!… Very good!…. Love this place!  Addie & Katie rock!! 6/18/13

Awesome dinner!  5/9/13… Truely amazing! 5/16/13 … Wonderful dinner & experience! Incredible…. Had a fabulous time. Many thanks… Thank your Chef Arie! All good…  5/17/13…… We love you guys and “liked” you on Facebook! Wine & soup is amazing. Women who work here we love!! 5/5/13……Dear Addy, Great to be here….   Great meal. We soo enjoyed the Spaniard and wife. Yummo!…. Thank you Adelaide! You really had me goin’ this time… Fabulous foie gras – Merci!!….. Awesome food & wine!….Food was great, so was wine.  Addy was the best!…. The food is amazing!!! 5/4/13

You made my night a memorable one!! Thanks much love….  Thank you for the hospitality. God bless!!…. Out of this world! Fabulous food.  Second time – we love it! Great food, great staff, great atmosphere…..Absolutely ADORE COMTESSE THERESE . Best of cuisine & hospitality! Merci Beaucoup!…..Great job! Superman….Amazing food…. Chris is the bomb…Awesome wonderful Ale & Theresa! 5/4/13

Love this place! Great food, good people & tasty wine!…. First time – will be back!… Fabulous!! Loved it. …Amazing – will be back! .. 4/28/13   Love this place! Great food, good people & tasty wine! 4/20/13…..Addie – You are so delightful and “perky”. Thank you for making our luncheon experience so fun & memorable!! See you again soon….We had a wonderful time….. Very good wine here!  Merci beaucoup! 4/14/13

Great food- fantastic wine, excellent desserts. We’ll be back soon. : ) 2/1/13  You made my night a memorable one!! Thanks much love…. Merry Christmas!!….Thank you for the hospitality! God Bless!! : )…. Out of this world! Fabulous food…. Second time – we love it! Great food, great staff, great atmosphere….. Hell yeezy ma! Neezy dis wine be da sheezy …. Fantastic! Thanks for the delicious food and service! Merry Christmas!

By far the best food on L.I…. Love the French onion soup! Yum….  Fab food! 11/25/12

Best wine ever!  11/24/12

Everything was great … Thanks for taking care of uspre-Sandy : ) Wine was terrific. Enjoy the day off. 10/29/12

Loved the food. THANKS! …. The food was amazing thank you very much. I wish that I could live here! (Aussie) CHEF love the duck very good! And hi Chris good luck on your job! I loved the food!…..  Food was amazing! I’ll be back soon!… We love Addie and Chris!

Great service …. FABULOUS…. Here for my Birthday at the vineyards with my friends……  Great food and fantastic service thanks a lot for unforgettable experience! …… Great bartender – Great service. The entiere staff was friendly! Had a great time. 10/21/12

Wonderful food – Wonderful atmosphere. Thank you 10/13/12

Love the vino! xoxo . . . . Love the Wine! …. Best winery/bistro experience…. 10/7/12

Great night. Thank you for a beautiful evening….. Had a great time – Beautiful place w/beautiful food!! Excellent experience!! Thank you Chris!! Noticed every detail – even bathrooms were nice!!!

WONDERFUL! Came here for Leslie’s birthday. What a wonderful dining experience! The staff was also wonderful. Thanks so much! We will be back! XOXO…… Excellent

Yummy!… Thanks so much for a fabulous evening!  Great time. Food is wonderful….Had a wonderful time here. Your house has character and great characters:) We will be back soon!… Outstanding XO  9/30/12

We love this place! …. We are back a third time. We love you all. 9/21/12

To all our friends @Comtesse Therese, We LOVE your wine and food!! You had us on hello our first visit and we came back for more great wine, food and SERVICE! Adi, Diane and Katie the BEST not enough good things to write about it would take this book, you are all so GREAT! We are so blessed and thankful to have you as neighbors. We love being out here. Adi, Diane, Katie you are the bomb!

Just a quick thank you for having us at your place yesterday. We had a wonderful time and everything was delicious! Diana 9/9/12

Just a brief, and overdue, word of thanks for the splendid evening we spent at Comtesse Therese a few weeks ago. Having followed Chef Ari’s highly original and bold cuisine for years (and having enjoyed the extraordinary hospitality of his parents) it was like a reunion in the best of all ways, when the later encounter reminds you so pleasantly of why the old times were so special. It was a brilliant meal and a joy to see the chef again. 9/6/12

Fantastic meal & wine. Service spectacular! P.S. We’ll be back! 8/29/12. . .Wonderful place. LOVED IT! . . . Amazing Chef & Service! . . . We love this place.  Yummy !!! & Charming . . . Very tasty for our anniversary . . .

Hi,Some friends told me about this lovely place on the North Fork where they enjoyed some good food, good wine and were served by some very nice people. Yes…they were describing their experience at your Bistro.This past Saturday my wife Joy and I stopped by and enjoyed the same experience. It was well worth going out of our way.I’m sorry I missed meeting you. Warm regards, Marty 8/27/12

Great food, wine & staff. Thank you. Terry 8/18/12 . . .Very nice!! Ex-owner of this place . .  Wonderful – superb food! Jacqueline . . . Thanks for the HUGE feather! Food & wine wonderful . .  Enjoyed it! Wonderful – Beautiful place. Rebecca 8/26/12 . . .

Loved it!! Anthony & Jill. . .Thank you for a wonderful meal! C & A . . .The soup was bang on.  Matt – Sydney . . . Thanks for a great evening & meal, from NY & Ohio . . .  Thanks for an awesome meal Everything was superb!!! Lisa & Jay . . .The Best. Can’t wait to return.June & Tony! . . Two Brazilians, a Greek and the Italian visited the Consumation Room! . . .It’s always good to have new experiences in tasting. To be continued . . . I’ll be back, Brazilian #2 . . .Yum! Great house! Lizzie . . . Outrageously delicious – Merci. Paul & Tina . . Awesome! 7/28/12 . . . So delicious and worth everyy bite!! . Great wine & amazing service. Thank you. . . Thank you for letting us “borrow” some apples! . . . Thank you for an amazing meal. . . Love you all . . Amazing meal! . .  What an amazing experience – great food, wine and chanrming ambience – FANTABULOUS. . . Awesome group of girls!! Made my Mon’s 85th B-day very special. Great food & wine!! Priscilla’s daughters. . . I love You all . .  Thank you!! Delicious wines!!

Merci pour un repas délicieux! Felicitations et á bientôt! Marie-Renee and family 7/7/2012 . . . Thank you! Melissa . . . We loved it all! you made our 11th anniversary extra special! Love, Dawn & Jimmy . . .Excellent service! Loved the wine. Informative and enjoyable. Can’t wait to come back. Faith, Elizabeth & Anne. 7/13/12 . . Excellent!! Linda and  Chris 7/13/12 . . . Everything was fabulous! Great food, atmosphere, wine – loved it :) . . Wonderful meal! . . I loved all & can’t wait to return . . De-lish as usual! Will be back soon. Kathy & Lon, Michele & John . . .

Loved it! Even though I don’t speak Le French, I loved it! xoxo . . . Wonderful! Thanks Guys. Sharon (the Crucian Girl!) . . .

This place is amazing! Been here 3 times  – just keeps getting better!! Meredith 6/22/12 . . . Burp! So good! Rick . . . Thank you for welcoming us on our 28th anniversary – Lovely! Best wishes David & Judith . . . Thank you for a beautiful, delicious meal to celebrate my sister’s graduation. Our evening was perfect. Lauren P. . . You guys! The food is the bomb! Lots of LOVE from the Malaysian girsl (a.k.a. Crazy Mohan’s Bat girls) Shakila & Kaveetha! 6/30/12 The food here is amazing!! I loved the atmosphere too! Very lovely. I will definitely come back soon! Tres bien, merci beaucoup! Yuna 6/30/12 . . . Great birthday here. 6/30/12 . . . Amazing people – LOVED IT! Chris with his crazy choco eyes! Best wine EVA! . . . Great we will be back!

Another excellent lunch! . . .  6/2/12  The best birthday lunch! Aileen . . .  Lunch was spectacular! Thank you! . . .Best lunch ever! Thank you for making our day great! Love, Lauren . . .  Lunch was fantastic!! Thank you :) Janet . . .The food was fantastic! Just & Jess. . . Ah-ma-zing ! . . . Awesome food .  Luca . . . So great food So much fun . . .  Was just great as promised by our friend who recommended . .

Merci pour un delicieux repas! En espérant avoir le plaisir de revenir beintôt! Merci beaucoup. . . . . Merci beaucoup pour le vin! c’était toutes délicieux! Beaucoup d’amour de l’englaise! . . 5/26/12

“Moments of magic” happen -  at just the right time. Thank you so much! 5/25/12. . . . so excited to be dining here tonight! I’m saving my appetite! . . . Fabulous wines! . . .  Reading teacher loves your wines! . . . Wines are by far the best I’ve tasten all day! Thank you! We’ll be back. . . . GREAT . . .5/25/12

Phenominal food. Would love to revisit whenever possible. Loved Chris as well. Best of luck. 5/20/12

Katie, our server, top notch! Her cousin couldn’t have been more fabulous! Can’t get enough of the rosemary rolls! Thanks, Diane, for the scoop on Greenport’s activities. We’re coming back. 5/19/12

Thanks to Addie & Diane – we introduced my parents to Bistro for the first time tonight and they loved it as much as we do!!! Chef Arie – dinner was delicious beyond words!!! 4/12/12

Outstanding! 4/5/12

Great chardonnay . . . . WIne was amazing. Waitress amazing. . . . A great new North Fork destination. Love the food & service! . . . Fantastic! Love the atmosphere . . . Delicious! . . . Wonderfull . . . . We were impressed with the food, wines, service and the old building! Thank you. . . . We had the best food & service of any restaurant we’ve been to. Happy birthday to me!! . . . Great experience . . . . Excellent food, service and ambience. . . . Great XOXO . . .  Best Bistro Best service! Thanks! . . . . Great experience XOXO

Absolutely fabulous dinner as always! We adore you Katie !! . . . . Great Great . . .Excellent service and food! Wonderful Times! . . . Awesome. Thank you guys. . . .Great food and excellent wine! We will be back! . . .  Fantastic meal! Fabulous wine. . . . Amazing! Loved it all. Katie was fantastic. . . . Wonderful . . . Excellent food . . . Excellent wines . . . I want a violinist for our 26th anniversary . . .

Great Time! Addie is the best and so is the whole team… 3/25/12

Had the best time! So proud to be members! . . .

Delicious lunch – Excellent Russian Oak Chardonnay. . . . Diane Thank you again! Please keep me posted on any future events – . . .  Great, amazing meal. . . . Love this place, awesome! . . . Addie was (is) wonderful . . Fabulous! . . . Great !! Bravo . .  Wonderful!! . .  Delicious food ! Excellent service! Delightful ambiance! fantastic . . . Wonderful! We love this place . . . Loved it! coming back for dinner! . . . Excellent dinner!  . . .Katie thank you for a great experience!

Best meal ever had. Not even kidding.

Delicious! Thank you!  . . . Superb experience! Thank you! . . .

Now, this is the way onion soup should taste!

Chris is so amazing & entertaining. Addie is so wonderful and we had the best service. The food was incredible. The chef is beyond awesome. xoxo Diane was so helpful and pleasant. Our 1st time here & we can’t wait to come back!!! xoxo  3/24/12

The best chef around. 3/24/12 . . . My Dad’s 65th birthday!!!! xoxox Had such a wonderful time at the Bistro. Addie was an amazing server. The wine bar pourer was so hot, the manager was so delightful and the chef…..OMG to die for!!!!! xoxoxo Def coming back!!!!!! Food was beyond AWESOME!!!!!! 3/24/12 . . . Delicious!!!!!!!!! 3/25/12 . . . Arie is the best! 3/23/12 . . .

What a wonderful dinning experience, my husband and I had at the Bistro. I can’t say enough about the service and the people.The food was a culinary treat. Dave at the Cedar House B&B suggested this place and it was spot on. I do suggest don’t miss desert and have the chocolate truffle ice cream. As I commented to the staff It’s the last thing I would want to eat before I close my eyes at night. Thank you to the Bistro for a great dinner. Will be back next time we come to the area. 3/13/12

Arie’s duck is like no other. The best west of France. 3/12/12 . . . Wonderful restaurant!!! 3/12/12 . . . Amazing food! Loved our tour of the upstairs….we saved a trapped bird! As usual our waitress was the best! Its hard to drive by without stopping now that we’ve tried the food! 3/12/12 . . . Best place in the world!!!! 3/12/12 . . . .

Absolutely love this place! The wine is spectacular! Chef Pavlou is a master, everything is always perfect! 3/11/12

Just came here for my birthday, the wine was so good and food was exquisite! 3/4/12 . . . This place was amazing! Not only is the wine amazing, the food is fantastic!!!! 3/4/12

Lunch was awesome! The new bar looks great. Thanks… 2/25/12

Wifey and I were in last night. Once again – phenomenal….. Lamb shank & pork shank… knife needed !   2/23/12

place is very nice, good people,good food, good wine. Will be awesome in summer with wine bar and outside deck!! All should make sure to visit 2/21/12

Delicious and prepared just right by the chef. We enjoyed our lunch so much and will be back with friends. Great wine! Friendly staff and informative. Five stars 2/19/12

A very nice place, the staff, food and wine were great. We will be back soon. We had the pleasure to be first the first customers to eat at their new bar. 2/18/12

Came in last night…took advantage of your half priced bottle of wine with appetizer! All I can say is wow! We had the escargot and froi gras for the first time….amazing! We loved our cute little lively waitress….we will be back! 2/17/12

Particpated in the wine & chocolate pairing then stayed for a marvelous dinner!!  2/13/12

Great, great place!!! 1/18/12 . . .

Wonderful!!  I’ll be back.  Happy New Years!!  12/31/11. . . . I want to thank Therese and the staff for a wonderful dining experience. I so enjoyed the great wine, food and service. Cant wait to go back. Happy Newyear and thankyou all….12/31/11

Outstanding experience! 12/21/11 . . . . c ya on my 30th 5/8/12 . . . . Fucking Amazing !!!! 12/29/11 . . . . One of the top 5 steaks in my life!  Frank A. 12/30/11

I enjoyed this food and wine. Thanks…. 12/12/11

Most excellent – Thank you.  12/12/11

Had a fabulous dinner after a day of wine tasting. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day. The food was wonderful, the staff was gracious and the wine superb! Thanks for a wonderful experience..we will be back!  12/4/11

Thank you very much. The food and service was excellent. It was as good if not better than the best restaurants in New York City. 12/3/11

Thank you for making the first night of our honeymoon SO special! We had a wonderful, relaxing time and all the wine we had was wonderful!! Thanks again, y’all!

I have been to this restuarant 4 times now and each time it is a winner!! I will even go as far as saying that the French Onion Soup is the best I have had…and that is including in Paris. Service is super friendly, the atmosphere is lovely, cozy and quaint…11/15/11

We arrived for lunch without a reservation during Restaurant Week and had a great meal with attentive service. Arie is a genius when it comes to marrying locally sourced meats & produce. Pumpkin/apple soup was sublime; tender pork ribs were delicious and falling off the bone. Don’t miss this very romantic Bistro & vineyard on your next visit to the North Fork! 11/6/11

Just had an absolutely wonderful dinner experience this evening. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Diane, Addie, Jamie and all the staff and experience such fine service and wonderful food! Cannot wait to return. Actually, we will be coming back on Oct. 22!!! . . .  Cute young waiter . . . wonderful food, great staff . . . ULALA! . . . excellent service & food . . .YUM YUM Lots of Fun!! . . So great . . . Addie was fabulous!!!! . . . A definate must try for anyone who hasn’t . . Delicious!!!  . . . Had a wonderful day at your Chocolate/Wine tasting today. Great venue, great tastings, great pairings. Very informative and great fun!@ . . . That pumpkin puree soup is out of this world!!! :)  . . . Thank you for helping EOS celebrate their 15 years in business. Sorry I missed the big event but hope to come back with Michio sometime soon. . . .  11/14/11

Stopped in for the first time yesterday….Best Long Island wines that I ever tasted over the past 25 years!!!! Food was great too!!! Will go back soon!!! 10/10/11

Wonderful! We’ll be back . . .  Wonderful lunch! . . . Yummy desert! . . . Wonderful. You’ll see us again. . . great wine!  . . . Stellar . . . Amazing!!! . . . phenom ! . . .DELISH! . . OMG!!. . . superb . . . excellent :) . . . .  Superb . . . a pleasure! . . . Great!  10/9/11

OMG great food,service!!!!!!!!missed arie’s cooking!!!!!! so glad youre back arie!!!!!!
thanks for the duck fat lol my ass thanks you too 10/2/11

The bistro is beautiful inside and out. The food and servive was excellent. The fois grois was so good, I was tempted to order it again as a 2nd dessert! The Blanc Do Noir paired beautifully with it and it’s a wine that is fantastic on it’s own. Duck confit, and crepe suzette and i had a really happy birthday dinner. Wow. 9/12/11

Just had a late lunch today for my birthday and WOW. The food was phenomenal. And I’ll pick up a bottle of the Blanc De Noir at the liquor store, one of the most enjoyable wines I ever had. Terrific everything  9/11/11

“I gave a gift certificate to the Bistro to my sister as an Engagement gift and she and her fiance said your restaurant is the best they have ever been to!”  9/10/11

Fantastic – - – . . . ditto . . . SUPER ! ! ! . . . .Chef de Vin all over again . . . Great . . . Awesome! . . .  Fabulous/loved my waitress! . . . We love it! . . . Delicious! . . . Excellent . . .  Best mussels ever! . . . Great! . . . 9/9/11

Thank you Chef Arie and Dianne for a wonderful dining experience this evening. 9/1/11

Dinner this evening was absolutely delicious, great restaurant, food and service… Each part of our meal was spectacular, the Fluke and Duck were amazing, even the Salad and the Dessert… yum yum yum…. Crepes & Chocolate… I would so recommend this restaurant. 8/24/11

Tree: Wanted to let you know that we stopped in for dinner – and was very pleased with everything. The service was wonderful, the food and wine were excellent!!! A great experience for everyone – including 3 very picky teen agers (one mine  – two my friends’). Hope to talk to you soon.   8/20/11

BRAVO !!!! This North Fork Winery Restaurant is a home run. It was too early for dinner and my wife and I saw a sign for wine tasting, so we decided to check it out. A man named Charles was doing the wine tasting and it was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and professional. My wife loved the 05 Blan DeNoir and I couldn’t make up my mind if the 05 Chateau Reserve Merlot or the 07 Estate Cabernet was my favorite. Two hours later it was time for dinner and decided to stay for dinner as well. We met Dianne the Manager and she was able to seat us even thought the place was filling up fast, especially since it was a Friday night. The wait staff was very friendly and accomodating. I carefully read there menu and the specials were detailed by our waitress. Not being able to pick I asked the waitress to let the Chef pick for us. The Chef “Arie” actually came out to make sure we wre giving him the green light. My wife and I like everything so we told him yes. He prepared three aps,Escargot, Brie with wild mushrooms in puff pastry and mussels in white wine. Simply incredible. He then prepared pan seared Montauk sea scallops w/crab bisque sauce and hickory smoked duck breast. Unbelieveable and perfectly cooked. The homemade tart and poached pear was the icing on the cake. The service was top shelf and I couldn’t have planed a more perfect evening or meal. Thanks again and “we will be back”. 8/18/11

Wonderful, everything! . . . A lovely way to end a great day with friends! . . . A great meal . . .  So much fun! . . . I love your pens! . . . Amazing food & setting & service! . . . Excellent! . . . Excellent!! GREAT!! . . . . Love, we love everything – we’ll be back!     8/14/11

This establishment will never disappoint. The chef & staff are first-rate and eager to please. The foie gras is seared to absolute perfection & paired with incredible sauces. The venison medallions & lamb shank are celestial. Go & enjoy. 8/8/11

Always a treat! . . . ditto . . .  Fabulous . . . Very good! . . .Excellent! . . . The best! . . . FAB!! . .  Excellent . . Yum! . .  WONDERFUL! . . . Excellent!!  . . .Thannk you!! . . .Awesome . . GREAT! . .  delicious ! . . . thanks!!  . . . .8/7/11

My husband and I loved Comtesse Therese! The food was out of this world. My husband had the fois gras and duck and I had the escargot and fluke and all was fabulous. The staff was engaging and the sommelier provided wonderful pairings with the food and wine. The Contesse Therese wine was also something worth going back for. The decor is charming. We are pleased with this addition to the North Fork and plan to return soon! 7/15/11

Just finished dinner there and spent some time with chief Ari. We had escargot, corn soup in a chardonnay reduction, scallops in a crab reduction, pear tart and home made mint chip ice cream. The food was excellent. The wines are reasonable and good. Probably one of the best values on the north fork. 7/2/11

JUST GREAT!!! . . . . Very Enjoyable! . . . .GREAT!!! Loved the food, wine & ambiance! . . . Amazing! . .  FANTASTIC A A A A . . . . VENISON CREPES WOW!!!! . . . (Great Hungarian barrels! . . . .AMAZING! . . . .Superb as always . . . . Fabulous Dahling! . . . 6/25/11

Great – Thank you. . .  food was excellent! . . .  Yummy wine . ..  fun, good food & wine, great staff . . . . Excellent everything! Loved it! . . .  great food & ambiance great service!  . . . we’ll be back!!! . . . Perfect!!! . . . .Beautiful . . AMAZING!! (as usual) . . . Amazing reds! . . . . Very quaint & pretty!  . . .  beautiful! great find!  . . . . great food – friendly serivce . . .  will be back soon!!! . . . . I’m Belgian, and this was delicious!  . . . . excellent !!! . . . Arie – you are the man! . . . .wonderful . . . wonderful winetasting . . .6/10/11

Dear Diane and Ari- Gaylord and I want to thank you so much for helping us have the perfect anniversary date! You make it a special event every time we come ourselves or bring guests. And it is always a pleasure to recommend Comtesse Therese!! We want you both to know how very much we appreciate all the time and effort that goes into preparing those delicious meals. We look forward to seeing you again on the 29th!!!!!! All the best, . . .5/23/11

Definitely go!  I’ve been twice already, and both times the food and service were excellent.  A new gem for the area, indeed!  The ambiance is cozy, romantic and “Oh, so French”.  On our second visit, there was an accordion player, which made it even more special. . . .5/12/2011

Loved the place! Charming rooms, great service and even better food. I highly recommend the escargot. . . . 5/5/2011

So far I’ve eaten there once and I’m still thinking about it. The food was beyond delicious and the wine was amazing, in fact so good I ask my friend to buy me bottles of them when she comes to visit me ( I live on the south fork, she lives on the north fork.) I had an over all great experience and have been asking my boyfriend to take me back since.. . . 5/5/2011

Delightful! . . . .  Came for drinks, but will be back for dinner – loved it!  :) . . . Thank you Be back soon . . . . Wonderful wines! . . . GREAT! . . . . excellent ! will be back . . . . Cannot wait to return. . . . Fabulous – . . . .Enjoyed a delightful lunch for 4 of French onion soup and seared scallops! Thank you!!

Had a very enjoyable lunch at the Bistro yesterday. Particuarly like the way they highlight local ingredients. All washed down with some Russian Oak Chardonnay. :)

Just a great dinner my wife Emelia and I had on Saturday nite. The preparation and taste of the ingredients were outstanding. And the french country decor made our valentine dinner very special. Thank you Chef Ari, the Comterese, and the friendly staff. Your Bistro is now our favorite dining pleasures on the East End.

We just had a fabulous dinner at the Bistro.  Ari is quite the chef. The food rivaled NYC’s finest in our opinion. Carol and I started with the fois gras and she had the chicken chausseur and I had the lamb shank, both with the Merlot aged in Hungarian Oak. We will pass the word. The restaurant is really quite attractive.

Excellent food,  Charming setting in an old house.  We had the best sweetbreads we have had in a long time, a wonderful duck and excellent French onion soup.  Too full for desserts. Well priced and a great value. The owner did a lot of the work on the house herself and it is delightful.

Great new discovery. Went with my wife on Saturday evening to this recently opened bistro and had a most enjoyable time.  The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated – Long Island North Folk farmhouse meets Parisian Bistro chic – with enough space between tables that you are not listening to everyone else’s conversations.

The wine list offers a good choice of reasonably priced vintages from the Comtesse Thérèse winery.  Our server recommended the Hungarian Oak Merlot which turned out to be deliciously fruity.  In addition to the menu there were a number of specials that evening.  I ordered the French Onion soup which was done very traditionally with a good quantity of melted cheese followed by veal medallions seasoned and cooked to perfection, My wife ordered a tomato soup en croûte (it came with a pastry cap) and smoked duck breast. The latter was lightly smoked so as not to mask the flavor of the delicious local duck.

Unfortunately we did not leave enough room for desert and look forward to that experience on our next visit as this will defiantly become a regular North Folk haunt.

My wife and I had a wonderful meal tonight. I had the smoked duck and my wife had the lamb shank. I recommend the Hungarian Merlot, I even offered a sip to the guests at the next table who couldn’t decide. The chocolate dessert was heavenly. Met the chef who has previously delighted diners at a former North Fork restaurant. Make a reservation. This place is going to take off and give the other 4 on the North Fork a run. Most entrees under $26 so it’s a delicious valued meal, and the winery’s selection are reasonable as well. I hope they will participate in RW in November.

“This past Sunday, along with family and friends, we decided to make our usual wine tasting trip.  My brother, on a whim, decided to make our first stop Comtesse Therese and I went along with his decision – a bit reluctantly.

Oh my god!  What a delight once I stepped inside.  I was beside my self with the ambience, décor and those chairs that I can’t stop talking about.  This was a wonderful surprise and we had the best time.  The wine was divine and the food delectable.  It was our first and most favorite stop of the day.  We were all so satisfied we could have just gone back home.

We will definitely be returning……soon!”

I love the use of local products. The meal and server were superb.

Visit the newest North Fork bistro – Comtesse Thérèse Bistro in Aquebogue. The specials I had were absolutely delicious – Tomato soup (roasted garlic, fresh sage, Asiago cheese in a puff pastry) and Cherrywood Smoked Duck Breast w/blackberry brandy bacon Savoy local cabbage. Hmm… is it dinner time yet?

we ate at The Bistro last night – completely enjoyed!!!!! Wine was delightful, food Incredible and our server (a young girl from VT) was very,very sweet and knowledgable!

Dear Dianne, Theresa and Chef Ari,

Just wanted to send a note of sincere thanks for putting on a wonderful Holiday soire last Friday for my group.  Everything was top notch - the food was delicious, wine pairings were great and the meeting room upstairs was perfect for my presentation.  My group really enjoyed the event and I believe many will be back to visit again.  With the Holidays quickly approaching, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – all the best to you with your fine establishment!

Kind regards,

Dear Chef Arie and Dianne -

Gaylord and I wanted to thank you both for your kindness and a sumptuous meal last Saturday. We felt so special and enjoyed every part of our meal. The fact that we could also enjoy a wine tasting in order to select the right wine for dinner was so relaxing and enjoyable. An added plus was that we loved being able to purchase wine to take home.

Susan and Kate are an asset to the Bistro and both ladies went out of the way to make our dining experience memorable.

Every course was wonderful and should you hear any rumor about me stabbing Gaylord’s hand with my fork while tasting his venison chili, please know he is exaggerating and is a big fibber!   (It was only a scratch and the chili was to die for, by the way!)

Arie, your food brough back wonderful memories of dining at Coeur des Vignes. We are on your mailing list and look forward to returning to Comtesse Therese Bistro.


Dianne (and staff)-

Just want to thank you all for accommodating our group on Saturday in the private room upstairs.  Dinner was fantastic and the service even better.  Dianne, your wine expertise was fantastic and it made for a great evening for us all.


We had a very nice lunch there Thursday. Excellent lamb shank! . . . . I usually order seafood chowder at every restaurant I go to . . . The seafood chowder was the best I ever tasted. . . .Quick Tip: Escargot baby escargot will not be disappointed by this wonderful and tres adorable North Fork find… — at Comtesse Thérèse Bistro. (on Yelp)

A wonderful lunch! We’ll be back! . . . .  we had friends over last night and drank a few of the bottles deb picked up yesterday- truly spectacular- friends loved the reds. we are going to try and come by- need to find someone to watch the kids-

Now that was an amazing dinner!!! Thanks Chef!!

“Arie, you changed my life”

“Fabulous food, fabulous wine, fabulous ambiance! Congratulations, Tree!”

“I was there for the opening dinner and it was wonderful – beautiful decoration and atmosphere, great food (Arie the Chef, thanks!!), of course, Tree’s great wine and great staff.  I give 5 stars!!”

Good luck – amazing as usual . . . . Beautiful!  .  .  .  .   Terrific!  .  .  .  .  Great place!  .  .  . Excellent . . .   Congratulations! charming . . . . Tres adorable . . . Tres bonn!  . .  AWESOME . . . outstanding . . . Absolutely lovely . . .  Fabulous! . . . Delightful! . . . Heavenly . . . Delightful experience . . . Yummy! Thanks for the delicious oinko buco . . . Delicious! . . .  Fabulous! . . .  Great! . . .  Wonderful! . . . Loved it! . . . Wonderful! Took me back to my grandmother’s house . . . . Love you girls!!! . . . . great!

We stopped by late Sunday afternoon on a whim for a wine tasting and had an amazing time. Wines were fantastic (as was the escargot) and the menu looks terrific- can’t wait to come back soon for dinner! The charming antique atmosphere was beyond compare. Will definitely recommend your place to everyone.

I have been passing your place for months on my way out to Mattituck to ride horses and finally I stopped in to check it out. I was SO pleasantly surprised!!

Fantastic lunch here today. Super food and fabulous waitress Susan

Hope to return!

Yum! (Brooklyn, NY)  . . . wonderful!

SEHR GUT! . . . .  WOW . . .  Wonderful  . . .

Love my birthday dinner last night at Comtesse Theresa Bistro!!!!

September 2, 2011

My wife and I have been meaning to stop in and try Comtesse Therese French Bistro for sometime since we saw the sign go up in the fall 2010. In the last few months we were driving out to the North Fork, Long Island in the evening and we saw the lights open and that they were open for business. Well today was our day to head on over to the Comtesse Therese after quickly perusing their website for their menu – delectable foods and wines from their vineyard.

The restaurant is in a home converted to a restaurant on Main St. in Aquebogue and some folks may even drive past it not realizing its there but you’re missing out if you’re driving on by. You come into an atmosphere of old style French chateau which may be a little stuffy to the average person but look no further than we met Dianne who greeted us with a pleasant, warm smile inviting us inside to sit down. The wait staff immediately came by offering water or a drink of which we tried a glass of the Comtesse Therese’s Sauvignon Blanc and their Russian Oak Chardonnay.

For starters we had to try their fresh mussels which were much bigger and tastier than the ones we have had in the past out here in the North Fork. I also had to try their French Onion soup since I am a big fan of the soup which was delicious and not overly done – the soup had the right consistency and wasn’t too salty like you’ll find at some restaurants. Our taste buds were now jumping wanting to move onto the next course which my wife had chosen to go with their scallops special which was pan seared with a local crab bisque sauce, local spinach and saffron basmati rice. I went with the lamb shank confit with a reduction Madeira, roasted garlic, marjoram flowers and some potatoes. These two meals did not disappoint – flavorful and succulent, we didn’t want it to end…I almost went into the kitchen to ask for more even though I was clearly stuffed.

This is when Chef Arie came out and was speaking to his patrons whom I find to be a huge plus for a restaurateur – to me it shows that he cares about his patrons and wants to hear some feedback and get to know them by having a pleasant conversation. Some restaurants I’ve been to I would see the owner in the corner just standing there not speaking to anyone or just speaking to certain customers or if they ordered wine. Chef Arie came out and said hello and had conversations with everyone.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better we ordered the mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert to share, I had an espresso and I must say the ice cream explodes with this fresh minty taste when you put that first scoop in your mouth and the chocolate, oh so good!! This is by far the best mint chocolate chip ice cream I’ve ever had. Let me not forget that Chef Arie brought out his chocolate truffles for us to try which were exquisite and went so well with the espresso and I’m sure would also go well with an after dinner wine or drink.

Now we’re deciding who we’re bringing with us on our next culinary adventure to Comtesse Therese. Bring your palate ready for flavors, fresh local ingredients, and folks who are down to earth good people running a fantastic establishment.

Please make sure you visit their website and when you’re in the North Fork make a reservation and enjoy their food, wine and great company.

Thank you Chef Arie and Dianne for a wonderful culinary experience.

You can find them on Facebook at Comtesse Therese Vineyard and Bistro and at http://www.comtessetherese/bistrohomepage.html.